Camden County Sheriff’s Basic Scope

Camden County Sheriff’s Office Basic Scope

  • Patrol the roadways within the POA boundaries, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, approximately twice daily

  • Physically attempt to check all amenities daily

  • Perform “Away from Residence Checks.” (exterior doors locked, windows secure, everything in order)

  • Assist medical and law enforcement agencies in emergency situations

  • Attend monthly Board of Directors meeting and provide monthly reports

  • Report problems with wastewater lights

  • Enhance relations with the members of the community

  • Communications/Dispatch Service

  • Provide 24 hour access for property owners

  • Maintain detailed records/logs to reflect telephone/radio messages

  • Monitor patrol officers at all times

  • Receive and dispatch clear and concise information for emergency situations

  • Communicate with all emergency personnel in each situation as needed

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