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Join one of our Regularly Scheduled Groups:

Community Center (on Horseshoe Bend Pkwy)

Monday: Ladies Bridge – 10am – 3pm – Joan Williams 573-365- 5712

Tuesday: Ladies Canasta – 10am – 2pm – Sharon Roets 309-236- 7132

Tuesday: Poker – Noon – 3pm – Don Pogue 573-280- 7399

Wednesday: Ladies Bridge – 10am – 3pm – Georgene Burt 636-697- 5330

Wednesday: Poker – Noon – 4pm – Harold Holder 573-723- 4329

Porto Cima Community Center

Wednesday: Card Group – 10am – 3pm – Linda Gnagy – 573-552- 6784

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Trash Collection

Trash Collection Service, The POA and You.

Republic Services of Osage Beach , (573) 635-8805

Although the governing documents of the Association do not address the use of a specific trash service provider, we see many covenant violations for trash and road damage caused by multiple oversized trash trucks. The POA Board of Directors developed a uniform request for proposal, which was sent to several refuse collection service providers.

Based on the information these companies provided and interviews with their representatives, the Board recently voted to make an endorsement of one refuse collection company, Republic Services of Osage Beach. Here are the advantages of utilizing this service provider for your refuse collection.

  • Promotional monthly service rates for all POA customers
  • Pick up of refuse will be confined to Monday and Tuesday
  • Options regarding seasonal service and recycling
  • Alternative size refuse containers
  • Offering suspension of service when owners are away for more than 30 days at a time
  • Offering special pick-up’s when owners request them
  • The service provider will be more conscientious of POA rules and regulations, especially pertaining to trash enclosures and clean-up of refuse

If you desire to see an improvement in how refuse is collected and handled in the POA, and you are interested in taking advantage of this POA endorsed service provider, you can contact Republic Services of Osage Beach directly at, (573) 635-8805.

Home Construction Incentive

Four Seasons Property Owners Association

Home Construction Incentive

Program Announcement

In an effort to stimulate home construction on undeveloped lots, the Four Seasons Property Owners Association (POA) will offer a financial incentive program for lot owners and/or builders to construct homes on undeveloped lots. If desired, the Owner/Builder may combine up to three contiguous lots in accordance with the existing replat procedures of the POA. Upon successful replatting of the lots, the assessment for the combined lots will change to the assessment value of one lot. In order for lot owners or builders to benefit from this Home Construction Incentive Program, new home construction on undeveloped lots must be completed on or before December 31, 2018.

Prior to new home construction, the owner/builder of any undeveloped lot(s) shall fund a Home Construction Incentive Account which will function similarly to a Savings Account and will be held by the POA. The amount of this Incentive Account will be determined by the POA Board of Directors and will be based on the total of delinquent accumulated assessments, late fees, interest and any legal or collection fees associated with the desired lot(s).

The payment amount for the Incentive Account will be agreed to in writing by both the owner/builder and the POA Board and will serve as settlement for the associated lot(s) being considered. These fees must be paid to the POA in full by the owner/builder prior to the issuance of a building permit. Upon receipt of these funds, the POA will deposit the money into an established Home Construction Incentive Account. The owner/builder will continue to be responsible for the timely payment of any assessments incurred after the Home Construction Incentive Account is set up.

As stated previously, construction must be completed and in compliance with the approved POA guidelines on/or before December 31, 2018, or as extended by the POA Board. Any adjustment to the successful completion date will be made only after appeal by the owner/builder to the POA Board whose decision will be final.

If new home construction has been successfully completed on or before December 31, 2018, and it has been determined by the POA that the owner/builder is in compliance with POA Home Construction Incentive Program guidelines and requirements, the balance of the Incentive Account will be refunded to the owner/builder.

If the home is not successfully completed on or before December 31, 2018, or as extended by the POA Board, the Home Construction Incentive Account will be closed and the funds forfeited and assigned directly to the POA without further recourse.