Village of Four Seasons Tax Rate

Did you know…

Living in Four Seasons has some tax perks!  If you use Four Seasons as your address, you will be charged 5.48% sales tax.  Lake Ozark’s tax rate is 8.23%.  For those larger purchases such as a car you could save $27.50 for every $1000 spent.  This savings should apply to your online purchases too!!

Using Four Seasons as your address will also insure that this revenue is applied to your community rather than another municipality.  This revenue maintains your hiking & biking paths, street lights, Sheriffs Dept, the Village maintained parks & gardens, all which in return helps your property value!

2017 Board Election Results

The 2017 Board Elected Positions have been announced-

Election Results
At the conclusion of the Annual Owners’ Meeting, held on Saturday, October 21, 2017, the results for
the election of two new Board members were announced.

The Four Seasons Lakesites POA is pleased to
announce that the following candidates have been elected as your Board of Directors.
• Steve Yoder
• Mary Bustin

The ballot results for each candidate are as follows:
Steve Yoder 254
Mary Bustin 211
Karen Schenk 85
Debra Howard 24
Kurt Kuhlmann 151