Neighborhood Watch

On September 7, 2017, Arlene Page, Crime Prevention Specialist with the Camden County Sheriff’s Office, made a presentation on Neighborhood Watch Programs at the Community Center for members interested in this program. Mrs. Page stated a Neighborhood Watch Program will benefit the community of Four Seasons if enough neighborhood volunteers work together, in a proactive manner, and meet on a regular basis.

In order to keep community crime down, the POA encourages you to support local law enforcement by being observant of things going on in your neighborhood. Neighborhood watch programs would be independent of the Association and would be made up of volunteer groups that are not selected, appointed, confirmed or controlled by the POA.  

Neighborhood Watch is one of the best-known crime prevention programs in America. It’s simple.  Neighbors do what they ought to do – they get to know one another and keep an eye out for each other, working together to stop, prevent or at least discourage crime.

If you are interested in forming a Neighborhood Watch, we recommend you organize at least 1/3 of the neighbors who are willing to participant in the program. You may download a Neighborhood Watch program form below.

Once that is accomplished, you can contact our office at 573-552-8334 to establish your neighborhood territory. Management will arrange for the Camden County Sheriff’s Office to meet with your group to provide the training needed and a Neighborhood Watch sign will be erected in your neighborhood.


Please remember, the POA encourages owners to participate in neighborhood watch programs but, such programs are not sanctioned by the POA and are not a means of providing “Security” to the community by the POA


Neighborhood Watch

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